Friday, March 27, 2009

The happenings....

Once again I haven't updated my blog in quite a while.  No excuses.  Here are a few things that have happened lately:

*We found out we are having a BOY!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised because I have 20+ nephews and only a few nieces.  We haven't decided on any names.  I have a feeling it's going to be a challenge.  Adam is still adamant that we fit in "Oscar" somehow.  (Yeah right).

*Adam and I went to a military ball at the capitol a couple of weeks ago.  As we walked in, we both realized that the last time we had been on a date in that building was 13 years ago for Adam's prom in 1996.  He claims I asked him to take me home early all those years ago, but all I remember is that I didn't know any one since I went to a different school and that I couldn't stop giggling at a girl in our group whose dress was way too low and whose fake eyelashes kept falling down.  

We had a great time.  Adam loves to get his groove on and I like to stand back and watch him in all his glory.  I didn't really shake my tail feather because I thought that would look weird since I am 6 months pregnant.  I mean really, who wants to see a pregnant lady do the running man?

*We were able to insert ourselves into Rachel and TJ's Disney vacation.  Adam and I had enough sky miles to make a quick trip and we had such a good time.  Hopefully they didn't mind that we tagged along.  Their little boy, Koy, was so cute that we just can't wait until our little guy is old enough to go!   I forgot my camera so my only pick is from my phone:

I haven't been on "It's a Small World" for years.  I heard they shut it down for a while to put in bigger boats for the ever-expanding American body.  I must say that I appreciated the extra room and I promptly stuffed my face with a caramel apple right after---in appreciation of Disney's effort to cater to our population, of course.

*That's it for now!  On to working on the nursery!!!