Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm not really sure what exactly this post is about, other than showing some pics of recent projects with the fam:

This is a before and after pic of our headboard.  My grandma bought us our bedroom furniture set when we got married and so I had to choose a "conservative" style since she was a little appalled at the furniture I really wanted to get.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it (8 years ago) but it needed a little refreshing..
I used an old curtain to recover the headboard from our house in D.C. since there wasn't a good spot in our new house for it.  It still needs some funky pillows to add color, some pulling and straightening, but it's an easy change if I get sick of the pattern..

Next up was our dresser.  After a lot of debate on color choice, I decided to do something with a little color.  I couldn't have taken the plunge without the help of my sis, Rachel, since she gives me a good kick in the butt to just "make a choice!"  

Before (honey oak and old school handles-- blah!):

After (zing!):

We changed out all the handles and painted it "Sea Song" and then finished it with a dark glaze. I don't think the pic gives it the full effect, but it sure does brighten our room!  Shout out to Rachel who probably ended up doing most of the work (hah!), to my Dad who acted as our overseer to make sure we didn't sand it too much, who let us use his garage and tools, and who helped put the finishing glazed touches that only he could master with his perfectionist eye, to TJ for measuring/drilling and installing the new handles and to Adam for making sure I stuck to my decision.  (That sounded like a speech for a major award, but for someone who isn't too handy with these kinds of things, it was quite the feat!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Give me the original!

I am always suspect of American versions of British and Australian TV shows.  I was upset when I found out there would be an American version of "The Office" since I had been a fan of the Brit original and couldn't possibly see how they could make it as funny.  Well, I was wrong and the American version is just as funny, in a different way, as the original from across the pond.  So, I was curious to see how the US version of "Kath & Kim" would turn out.  It's on Thursdays, right before "The Office" so it must be good....right?  WRONG!  It was horrible! Everything about it was disjointed. Although, I must give a shout-out to John Michael Higgins from "Best in Show" and other awesome Christopher Guest movies, he was the only funny part in this crapper. Give me the original!  I have been a true "Kath & Kim" fan for a few years and could not believe how horribly written and cast this show was!  I know most, if not all of you haven't experienced one of the best shows ever on television, so check out their website and you will understand my fury.  Here's the original cast, in all their glory: 

U.S formats of the DVD's are not available, but will be soon.  So, party at my place for all you foxy ladies and hunks-0-spunk?  Seriously, you don't want to miss this show.  (Oh, sorry for those who read this post and think I don't have anything better to do with my may be right, but you'll thank me in the future).  For now, I apologize to all Australians and will understand if you don't speak to any U.S. citizen for at least a week.  I may be crazy, but at least my sisters know what I'm talking about!