Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So many people to thank...

Thank you to the Hiponia's, Astle's, Campbell's and Heath's who have all fed me recently. Home-cooked food with a family is so much better than cereal and Lean Cuisine!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Masterpiece Theatre Addict

I spent most of my day watching The Way We Live Now--a Masterpiece Theatre production and birthday gift from Adam. I love almost anything Masterpiece Theatre-y. The Way We Live Now is one of the best they've ever done. Thanks Adam!

Friday, February 2, 2007

I love me some SKYPE

Me and Skype have been best friends for a few months now. I hurry home from work to log on to my Mac and see what Skype has to offer. Skype can make my day or it can put me in a sour mood for the rest of the night. If you have never been introduced to my friend, click here and you'll see why I love it. So many people to see and talk to around the world! Oh, but I really only want to see a certain Skype member and I think everyone can guess who that is (picture is of Adam, my niece Cassie and me counting down the New Year---even though it was really 8:00am in Baghdad for him). Recently, I have been trying to recruit everyone I know to get a login id, not just to webcam with me, but to webcam with Adam. It is amazing that I have a better phone connection with Adam while he is in Baghdad than I ever did when he was in New Jersey!

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

So, blogging seems the thing to do these days. It has taken quite a while for me to catch on, but I have quite a bit of extra time on my hands since Adam left. This picture was taken when I snuck up to Philadelphia Airport to see Adam leave before he left for some training in Arizona. He had been in New Jersey for a couple months and I just had to see him since I knew he would be leaving for good soon after. Even though he was only a few hours away, I was only able to get less than 2 hours with him at the airport. Speaking of New Jersey.....let's just say I don't have fond memories of that state. Adam has better connection in Baghad than he ever did for the few months he was at Fort Dix.